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Connecting students with work-based learning opportunities benefits both young people and businesses.  Click here to read Forbes article about "The Valuable Interns You're Missing Out On".


Internship is also known as Work-Based Learning?


Work-Based Learning is any activity that occursin the workplace and provides opportunities for young people to learn about and “try on” a variety of occupations through structuredlearning experiences.Students learn by observing and/or actually doing real work. Work-based learning helps young people link their academic learningwith real-world job skills.


Participating in these activities helps young people understand what the jobs of the new economy are, where the jobs are, what the educational and skill requirements are for the jobs, and various pathways they can take to get the necessary education and skills.  Work-based learning also teaches workplace skills, and stresses the importance of 21stcentury skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s knowledge-based global economy.


The Continuum of Work-Based Learning Work-based learning is most effective when students experience a continuum of work-based learning opportunities throughout their middle school, high school and postsecondary years. These include career awareness, career exploration and career preparation activities


Career Awareness Activities are designed to inform young people about the vast variety of career options available in today’s economy. These activities also provide students with information on education and skill requirements for jobs, compensationand workplace expectations. Some examples of career awareness activities include career presentations, workplace tours, field trips, career days/fairs, and career clubs



Career Exploration Activities provide young people the opportunity to learn more about a specific field of interest related to their individual career goals. Students work closely with workplace professionals and participate in developmentally-appropriate hands-on work experiences.


Some examples of career exploration activities include job shadows, service learning, career mentoring, and career exploration camps.


•Career Preparation Activities  provide young people an opportunity to gain in-depth job knowledge about a specific career through a monitored work experience in which a young person links skills used in the workplace with his or her academic learning.


Career preparation activities also allow for the development of real-world occupational and 21stcentury skills.


Examples of work-based learning activities include internships, apprenticeships, and paid summer employment experiences.



Benefits of Work-Based Learning Connecting in-school and out-of-school youth with work-based learning opportunities not only creates benefits for the young people, but also makes good business sense for employers. Potential benefits to young people who participate in these activities include:


•Identify skills, abilities and explorecareer interests


•Develop an understanding of the link between school and work


•Provide motivation to graduate from high school and pursue postsecondary education


•Think about career pathways and identify strategies to acquire necessary education and skills


•Gain a better understanding of workplace habits and develop employability and soft skills


•Havea better understanding of employer expectations


•Enhance self-esteem•Gain valuable work experience that is geared to a career interest


•Build a resumePotential benefits for employers include:


•Extra help to work on seasonal or “back burner” projects


•Help recruitinga more skilled and better prepared workforce


•Boost employee morale


•Build supervisory and leadership skills within the organization•Increase productivity


•Bring new perspectives and solutions to problems


•Provideinput on ways to effectively communicate with and market to young people


•Positive public and community relations and brand awareness


•Increasedopportunitiesto provide community leadership and gain local, state and national recognition


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