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Click here to see sample profile is an internship website and database that matches high school students to companies for career-related job experience. The platform provides career and technical training (eLearning) resources to help prepare students for workforce. serves both companies and students, enhancing workforce preparedness by connecting employers and future job-seekers earlier in the skill-building process.  Companies post jobs for students to work at their companies, while students search for jobs that are career-related and hands-on, offering great work-based learning and job experience!  The benefits are many.

Tutoring, Coaching and Mentoring

Larenz Tate helping troubled youth BLOOM | He's more than just a handsome face; Larenz Tate is taking steps to help improve the lives of minority teens.

Interviewing and Public Speaking
Resume Writing and Communications
FAQ, Videos,  Links & Other Resources

Click here for InternChips"soft-skills" career and technical education training delivered via classroom, online or as  mobile eLearning-To-Go!

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