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Former engineer teaches area youth STEAM skills, computer programming and more.  Tekelia Kelly talks about her hi-tech teaching methods at CHIPS.  Click here to read "Teaching the future" by Chattanooga Times Yolanda Putman. Photo by Tim Barber.

Education Solutions


We love to empower learning!

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Technology Services


We love to empower learning!

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Consulting Strategies


We love to empower learning!

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Training Support


We love to empower learning!

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Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, President Shirley Ann Jackson of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Richard Templeton of Texas Instruments and Charles Vest of MIT on STEAM Education.  

Also see the page, letter and video of "The Four Minutes That Changed STEM to STEAM" in the U.S.

STEAM, STEM & Tech-ED learning that empowers student success!

We empower students with 21st century STEM, STEAM, Technology Education including: 

Learning Enrichment Classes, Camps, Concerts and other Creations

Technology Education, *STEAM, Maker and Service  Learning Projects

Creative Tutoring, RTI, Assistive Technology, ePortfolios and Life Skills,

Student, Parent and Teacher Inclusion and Collaboration Workshops

We design learner-centered, dfferentiated instruction and create curriculum wiith state-of-the-art devices/toys/games for hands-on project-based learning.

We teach 1-on-1, individualized, interactive and inclusive instruction to students of all abilities and deliver education onsite and online including:

Individual, small group, classroom and campus-wide services

Train-the-trainer organizational staff training and curriculum workshops

Strategic planning and consulting for strengthening learning programs 


Contact us to learn how we can help you empower learning!  

(e)Books,Coding Games, (e)Toys 


Click here for Tekelia Kelly's Celebrate & Create!  Make the Holidays Greate E-book.  Click here for more information

Tech Ed Teaching & Engineering


Click here for Tekelia Kelly's CHIPS Learning programs' site.  Click here for INTERNCHIPS school-to-work site.

ChattChooMeHome - Tekelia Kelly

TN Arts Commission Artist Teaching


Click here for Tekelia Kelly's STEAM Teaching Artist

profile at TN Arts site.  Click arrows to play movie and music. 

Instructional Design & E-Learning


Click here for Tekelia Kelly's ELearning portal for courses and other training materials. Click here for more information

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