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Over 20 years of entrepreneur, engineering, education, technology and art experience


Hi, I'm Tekelia Kelly--an entrepreneur, engineer, educator, editor, and entertainer. My mission in life is to design, develop and deliver instruction that empowers education; to celebrate life and learning, and make knowledge an asset "for your information".  "To me, the arts build education"; and STEAM equals STEM plus Arts Integration .  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education empowers learning and students to move "full steam ahead", where students can learn, problem solve and become critical and creative thinkers--to know, grow and go "from school to work more successfully".



I believe everyone has a special gift inside

That makes them one-of-a-kind. 

I believe when people work as a "labor of love"

They connect with their heart, body, soul and mind.

When I see the word "heart", I think "HE-Art"

As in THE CREATOR--"How great thou ART DIVINE".  

It is said "as a man thinks in his heart so is he". 

So I work to bless the hearts and minds of mankind.

                                       --written by Tekelia C. Kelly

"Moving full STEAM ahead empowering

learning for everyone from school to work"

Please join me in empowering students "full steam ahead" to go from school to work and life more successfully!

Tekelia C. Kelly, BS Engineering Technology, CRP

CHIPS Learning Services, Founder/Owner

TechEd Consultant/STEAM (STEM+Art) Teaching Artist

Tennessee Arts Commission | Tennessee Arts Academy

Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services


CHIPS Learning Services


(423) 421-5646

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"Moving full STEAM ahead" empowering education for
everyone from school to work.

Tekelia C. Kelly is a entrepreneur, engineer, educator, and founder and owner of CHIPS Learning Services. Since 1995, she has worked as an Education Technology Consultant serving customers across TN.  She is a Career & Technical Education Teacher and STEAM (STEM+Art) Teaching Artist affiliated with the Tennessee Arts Commission and Tennessee Arts Academy, Tennessee Department of Education and Tennessee Department of Human Services and serves

students, teachers and clients in groups and 1-on-1. 

Tekelia is a Microsoft Innovative Educator,  Teacher, Makey Makey Training Partner, Maker Faire Affiliate and Facilitator, Tennessee Arts Academy Alum and Holmberg Arts Leadership Institute Alum.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology, with masters-level coursework in Instructional Design & Technology.  She has over 20 years experience serving business and education.

Tekelia's education and information technology solutions have been deployed at corporations such as First Tennessee, Bank Federal Express, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,  Provident Companies Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mapco Oil, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga State Technical College and Tennessee Technology Center.  Her instructional services have been used by  Solomon Schechter Day School, Jr. Achievement, Girls Inc, St. Nicholas School, Memphis Jewish Community Center, Creative Life, Inc, Chattanooga Autism Center, Hamilton County Schools, Jungle Town and many others.

Dedicated to empowering the talents of students one child at a time, Tekelia  offers custom-designed

instruction, career and technical education, and project-based learning solutions that help learners go from school to work more successfully.  She is a published entrepreneur, engineer, editor, educator and entertainer.  Her business ventures include, SistersInBusiness.NetCHIPS, INTERNCHIPS, For Your Information and more

A former Miss Black Chattanooga, Tekelia has performed for Tuskegee Institure Choir with college friend and history-making "smallest freedom fighter" Sheyann Webb; Libertyland Theme Park as a "Showstopper"; the National Civil Rights Museum Commemorative Choir with Olander Draper, honoring

dignitaries like Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Mavis Staples and Desmund Tutu; venues like the World's Fair, The Peabody, Orpheum Theatre; and Mountain ArtsCommunity Center; special events such as 42-The Jackie Robinson movie, Sisterhoold Showcase, and many other special events

Tekelia performs student ticket-subsidy programs for schools in Tennessee through the Tennessee Arts Commission. Her teaching artistry empowers learning and includes history, art, music, singing, storytelling, engineering, math, science and 

technology. Her indie music includes originally written songs as well as recordings from her contract artist days with Sounds of Memphis Studios in the 1980's.  Her music and other works can be found at Amazon, CDBaby, TpT, online and her store .

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