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Celebrate & Create STEAM eBook
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Enjoy Family & Friends this holiday  season with "Celebrate & Create! Make the Holidays Great" A FUN! STEAM E-book with something for everyone, with Marcia Kling & more!

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A Digital & Printable E-book that Empowers Both Children & Adults 


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"Celebrate & Create! with the 3rd Edition of this great interactive STEAM eBook.  Featuring Mrs. Marcia Kling and other's school-to-work stories. PLUS get over 50 pages of edutainment content in printable PDF format.  Celebrate the holidays with with fun for everyone anytime, anywhere.  Enjoy arts and crafts, inspiration,  creativity, lifestyle, education; and "school-to-work" strategies along with  makers, mentors, math, media, manners and more!  Learn more.

How To Use This Book

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Product Description:   Celebrate & Create!-K12 STEAM Education, Career & Life Skills eBook for Holidays

Celebrate time with your family and friends over the holidays with this great STEAM ebook! Engage, empower, encourage and educate! "Celebrate & Create! Make The Holidays Great! Designed to embrace the traditions of life with new and exciting education enrichment, this 3rd Edition offers tons of pass-time engagement, edutainment and empowerment! This project-based learning ebook moves full-STEAM ahead, promoting STEM plus Art and school-to-work success!


Activities are "hands-on", immersive, interactive and with something for everyone. Step-by-step life stories include "how-to's" from Chattanooga's "timeless television teacher" of over 50 years Ms.Marcia Kling and other great people whose tips and tricks are sure to empower! Over 50 printable ebook pages offer creativity, arts, crafts, maker projects, reading, writing, math, puzzles, critical-thinking, mindfulness, manners, mentors, makers and more. Experience the power of iron-sharpening-iron education and make it a part of your holiday this season. "Celebrate and Create! Make the Holidays Great!".

How To Use This Book

This book was designed to help celebrate and create life-enriching experiences using education,  communication, and creation with seasonal and holiday themes.  Please feel free to use this book as creatively as you like.  See below for others ways to use this book.  Also, please pass this book on, especially to children, and help in communicate, connect, care, coach, mentor and build camaraderie with kids.

How To Use This Book
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