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EPB Fiber Optics Sponsors Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate & Create!", Wednesday, November 25, 2015 Since 1995, Tekelia C. Kelly.  Click here to read this news article.
Tekelia Kelly Announces Release Of "Celebrate And Create" E-book For Children

Tekelia Kelly Friday, October 30, 2015


Tennessee Arts Commission Teaching Artist Tekelia Kelly announces the roll-out of a new e-book project "Celebrate and Create! Make The Holidays Great!", designed for children and adults alike to share.


The instructional designer, educator and industrial engineer who also created Sisters in and Celebrate, now presents a new lifestyle and education publication with something for everyone. The PDF-formatted, downloadable semi-annual publication due around the Thanksgiving holiday will cover makers, mentors, manners, materials and more.


Features include powerful and well-known figures with real life stories that enlighten, encourage and empower; as well as arts, crafts, social & multimedia activities--both online and offline, for 24/7 engaging and exciting edutainment.


The purpose of the project is to celebrate life and create life-enriching experiences between people in the community, using education, communication, and creation. Readers are invited to 'inspire and lift higher' as well as share their creativity using the content in the book. The book cultivates and takes the 'whole village' approach to learning, enriching life and having fun."


A user guide is also available showing various ways the book can be used. The book is ultimately designed to be shared and passed on, especially to children, for increased child-adult learning interactivity, connection, communication, caring, coaching, mentoring and camaraderie.


Also, just in time for the holidays, and celebrating Tekelia Kelly's FYI social enterprise for its 20 years of service to education and business, is the opportunity to sponsor and advertise. Business and organization promotional packages will help offset the costs of producing materials, offering books, tutoring, workshops and other education services to children and parents at low to no cost when needed.


For more information about sponsoring and advertising, visit!e-book/u7mhq.

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